Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Overthink Idiom

An nice idiom for overthinking something is "to psychoanalyze a horse."

"Oh dear, Billy is psychoanalyzing a horse again."
"If you think too hard about that movie, you'll be psychoanalyzing a horse."

I think it's a nice idiom and that everyone should use it because idioms make everyday English incomprehensible, even to English speakers.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Status Update

Right now I am a little bit overwhelmed by the amount of work that I have to do, so I am going to procrastinate starting. This way, I will avoid the crushing monotony of my life for a few hours more.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Barnett Rap (Lyrics)

I'm an innocent physicist in the thick of it
Didn't even think of it
Wouldn't ever mention it
All the same,
My wit is gonna make my name
My brain is gonna change the game
My brain is gonna change the game
If not, then
I'll be Archimedes
Sinking stones in the tubs of these
Mathematical mediocrities
Diagnosed with autism at age two
Demonstrated prodigious breathroughs, too
Schooling was boring, but it could've been worse
So I wrote these verses to say why briars are my curse
My special classes allowed me to review
A few subjects with which I made my debut:
Astrophysics and calculus and relativity, too
When I turned twelve I explained integration
The information spread across the nation
The media, noticed me.
Creationists, noticed me.
They said I'd change the way we see
the universe, you see?
But curse it, the headlines were so terse that
They didn't reflect reality
Sensationalists went ahead and said,
'Barnett's in line for a Nobel Prize'
'A Big Bang theory, revised: Physicists surprised'
Those things weren't quite true
But you've gotta ride the wave, I guess
It's just something you have to do
Even if it could make your future a mess
When you're twelve, it's hard to stand
Against all of this B.S.
And establish a different brand
When you're marketed as a genius
With a seamless mathematical keenness
Your mom is riding your coattails
By telling tall tales, and if all else fails
She can still leave her mark
'Cause she's writing and selling The Spark
Dad is agreeing with this liar,
And you've begun seeing the briars:
How Mom's on TV playing a plainspoken woman
Saying you play Beethoven
That's the very moment
You realize that you gotta strap in and accept
The lies, or expect to be rejected
"I'll be Archimedes/ Throwing rocks at these mathematical mediocrities" originally from Jasmine, parodying Hamilton. Change alludes to Archimedes' principle.