Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Wise Quotes from the AP Econ Textbook

"There is a lively market in second-hand college textbooks" (93).   
"None of us are Robinson Crusoe" (5). 
"[T]he price of a lube job would have increased to the point that it was no longer an attractive option (unless you really needed a lube job)" (13).  
"You won't be arrested if you walk on the right, but you will be worse off" (13).
"[A]ll the freeways were back to normal, ready for the next [earthquake]" (16).  
 "[I]n most cases the invisible hand does the job" (15).
 "Canada, eh?" (33). 
 "[A] sensible person knows when one more clam would be one clam too many" (249). 
"What changed the status of chicken was the emergence of new, technologically advanced methods for raising and processing the birds. (You don't want to know.)" (253)
"Chinese food isn't the same thing as burgers or pizza" (416).
This is just some of the wisdom that the Economics textbook has bestowed upon me, as well as hundreds of other high school students.

Krugman, Paul R., & Robin Wells. Microeconomics. 2nd ed. New York: Worth, 2005. Print.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Mode Two Autocrat

Task automatic vehicle.
I ate autopsy.
I mean autocrat.
Hanging Nice Ned on table.
I mean banging my heed on tablet.
Little Beaver.
I mean deer jelly.
I mean Never Land