What is Fanfiction Friday?

Hello and welcome to Fanfiction Friday*, a series that I copied from YouTuber LittleKuriboh!

*The series is a misnomer because I write these whenever I want, not just on Fridays. Oh well. Since I copied LK's concept, I figured I might as well take his clever alliteration too. It's not like I'm the first person on the Internet to copy him without his consent.

I have a giant spreadsheet with characters, locations, and situations. I use a random number generator to select two characters, a location, and situation. Then I have thirty minutes to write a story based on these selections.

Most of the results are terrible. Some might be mediocre. They are often cut short. They are often nonsensical. They are always dull and underdeveloped. Their titles are portmanteaus of two random characters that I do not necessarily ship.

Fanfiction Friday: Where I learned that editing, which I won't do here, is 97% of the battle. Also, thirty minutes is not enough.


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