Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Lyrics: Spontaneous Rap Battle Against a Paranoid Homeless Man on the A-Train

You think we all think like cattle?
To free our minds, I challenge you to a rap battle
Don't say homogeneous
'Cause I'm a genius
You say homogeneous
'Cause I'm all over this
I'll be busting rhymes
Like Cool J busting crimes
You, for example, riding for free
While everybody else paid their fee
So oblivious, it makes me furious
You're a hobo with a bindle
Trying and failing to swindle
A student with a Kindle
Build a vocabulary and aspire
To be something higher than a liar
Keep your copy of Frindle
The kindling taught me to spit fire
But this is my stop
So I'll let the mic drop

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