Tuesday, March 28, 2017

How Analyzing Poetry in English Class Makes Me Feel

No one knows why I chose those photos. Rose, knows, "bros."
Bros named Bo or Beau wear bows on a ship's bow.
The ship called Bose.
They bow. Applause.
Case closed.

Bo, how does Beau suppose Bose opposes bows?
When the wind blows, Beau knows
It's best to bestow Bess Tolkien's bursting, busting, baste upon the blest, but
Not the bows. Not the clothes.
Case closed.

Though Tolkiens grow thorougly, they throw through those dozen roses who doze in rows.
Beau supposes, he superimposes, he slows token Tolkiens.
The hose explodes and exposes Horatio's noses. The dove dove.
Case closed.

So, bros named Bo or Beau in bows on Bose's bow all bow. Bose hates clothes.
Case closed.

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